Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society

Nova Scotia has the largest number of lights of any province in Canada, and some of the oldest, including Sambro, the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in the Americas.


The Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society (NSLPS) was founded in 1994 by lighthouse enthusiasts while on a visit to Sambro Island. The Sambro Island Lighthouse (1758) is the oldest continuously working lighthouse in the Americas. They were concerned about the condition of the lighthouse and the keeper's houses. They set up the non-profit society to benefit all the 150 plus lighthouses in Nova Scotia.

In this site you will find information about 170 lighthouses, past and present. Maps and searches let you cruise around the coast or organize your visit by lighthouse name, county, date or tourist route. Sections of this site give you information about NSLPS, current lighthouse news, lighthouse sounds, reading lists, and more. This is not a static site, it will grow and change, so visit often.

All of Nova Scotia's lighthouses have been automated and de-staffed. Some are in the care of communities and are open to the public - check them out under "Lighthouses to Visit." Others can be seen as you drive our coasts. We have a complete sortable listing of lighthouses on "lighthouse lists."

NSLPS Annual General Meeting
Join us April 24, 2019 for our 25th Annual General Meeting.
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