Sambro Lighthouse

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44° 26' 12.0'' N    -63° 33' 48.0'' W
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44° 26' 12.0'' N    -63° 33' 48.0'' W    Google Map

© Barry MacDonald
Sambro Lighthouse newly painted, photo taken on July 31, 2008
Earlier in 2008, we added information here that Sambro Lighthouse was endangered again. In March, at a meeting with the Coast Guard,  we were assured that the lighthouse would be painted this summer. Now, we can gladly report that this has been done and add a wonderful image of a sparkling red and white Sambro Lighthouse.

This new paint is supposed to be a high-tech coating that will last better than ordinary paint. We certainly hope so � the marine environment is harsh on any coating!

The pictures that follow show the condition of  the lighthouse before it was painted.


The Coast Guard promised to paint Sambro Lighthouse, likely in July. The collar at the base of the lighthouse would be examined but repairs will have to wait until later. Coast Guard is anxious that the lighthouse be in good shape for her 250th birthday in October 2008.


The reinforcing collar at the bottom of the lighthouse, which prevents our very own "leaning light" from toppling over was disintegrating.

The lighthouse had not been stained or painted since it was repaired in 1999.The stripes were pale pink instead of bright red! The paint which protected the flared concrete underneath the gallery was peeling off. Sambro Lighthouse is 250 years old in October 2008. Building the lighthouse was one of the first things debated by the Legislative Assembly of Nova Scotia, the first elected legislative assembly in Canada. It is fitting that the Government of Canada repaired this historic and important lighthouse in honour of her birthday.

Kathy Brown