Sambro Lighthouse

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44° 26' 12.0'' N    -63° 33' 48.0'' W
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44° 26' 12.0'' N    -63° 33' 48.0'' W    Google Map

Sambro Lighthouse Locator Map
Sambro Lighthouse Locator Map
Sambro Island Lighthouse stands on a granite island about 2 nautical miles outside the entrance to Halifax Harbour, marking an area of dangerous shoals. Halifax was founded in 1749 as the major base for the British Navy in North America. The harbour, which is comprised of a wide entrance, a main harbour, a narrow channel and a large basin almost surrounded by land, is the second largest ice-free harbour in the world. Only Sydney, Australia is larger. It offered the British a safe haven for the largest fleet they could envision. The entrance was, however, often masked in fog and the more than thirty shoals surrounding Sambro Island were a grave hazard.

Contributor: Kathy Brown
Sources: The Sea Road to Halifax, Hugh F. Pullen; The Lighthouse, Dudley Whitney; Lighthouses and Lightships, Lee Chadwick; Rip Irwin, in conversation, and in articles in The Lightkeeper, newsletter of the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society.