Chebucto Head Lighthouse

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44° 30' 26.6'' N    -63° 31' 21.8'' W
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Chebucto Head has had four lighthouses and several keeper's houses.

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The First Chebucto Head Lighthouse
This is the first lighthouse at Chebucto Head, built in 1872, a square wooden tower painted white with a dwelling attached. Below it, on the rocks by the shore, you can see the fog signal building. It housed steam foghorn equipment transferred from Sambro Lighthouse.

The second lighthouse at Chebucto Head was a concrete tower with a red lantern, built in about 1928. The photograph below, of keeper Edward Gallagher and his family, plus oral history interviews, proved it's existence. The photograph also shows the comfortable keeper's house of that era. The lighthouse was destroyed in about 1940 because the site was needed for a gun gun battery. If you stand at the current lighthouse and look out to sea, you can see a house projecting from the cliff. This house is built on the foundation of an observation post which was part of the battery.

Courtesy Jim Gallagher
The Second Chebucto Head Lighthouse
c. 1928

This is Keeper Edward Gallagher and his family in front of the lighthouse.

Contributor: Dan Conlin, Kathy Brown, Lise Chapman.