Chebucto Head Lighthouse

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44° 30' 26.6'' N    -63° 31' 21.8'' W
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Chebucto Head Lighthouse in 1999


Sometime during the evening of the 24th or early morning of the 25th of May 2004 the keeper's house burned to the ground. The head was shrouded in dense fog, and the situation was not discovered till later in the day on the 25th when technicians arrived to check out a malfunction at the lighthouse. The keepers house was a total loss. The fire is judged to have been suspicious but those responsible have never been found. The site has been cleaned up and there is now no sign that the house, which was the WW II lighthouse with the lantern removed, ever stood on the knoll to the right of the parking lot.

The Chebucto Head Lighthouse Society was planning to start work on restoring the keeper's house on the weekend after the fire. The house is sady missed by residents of Halifax.

The lighthouse is a very popular destination for weekend hikers, berry pickers, shipwreck divers and people who drive there for the view of the ocean, storms, passing ships and whales. As such it has a popular landmark status.

Contributor: Dan Conlin, Kathy Brown, Lise Chapman.