Chebucto Head Lighthouse

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44° 30' 26.6'' N    -63° 31' 21.8'' W
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Chebucto Head Light Station 2003
Chebucto Head Light Station 2003
The Chebucto Head Lighthouse Society was a community group formed in January 2003 by residents of Duncan's Cove and Chebucto Head who wanted to preserve Chebucto Head Lighthouse. As the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) was going through the process of divestiture of the site (including keeper's house and surrounding property), CHLS started working towards several primary goals:

a) To preserve the Chebucto Head Lighthouse Site, including its historic buildings (lighthouse and keeper's house) for future uses within the local adjacent communities.

To collect information on the natural and maritime history of the site, its buildings and surrounding area (including artifacts, photographs, lore and oral histories), making it available to the public.

b) To designate restored space in the keeper's house for a small facility, which could be leased as a business, to be operated in concordance with the objects of the society.

c) To provide communal space to be utilized for public educational and cultural purposes, especially those relating to the natural, cultural and maritime history of the site and the region.

d) To support the protection of the environmentally fragile landscape, the coastal barrens, around the Chebucto Head Site. To pursue any developments of the site under strict mandates of environmental sustainability.

Courtesy Lise Chapman 
Chebucto Head Lightkeeper's House

This keepers house shown in the foreground was destroyed by fire on May 27th, 2004.The radar shown in the photo was mounted on a tower behind the house.

The society gained members from all over Nova Scotia, who felt very strongly that Chebucto Head Lighthouse should be preserved and public access to the site should be maintained. The Society carried out a visitor's survey at Chebucto Head, and arranged a lease with DFO.
Unfortunately, just as they were about to begin work to preserve and repair the house it burned to the ground on a very foggy night. The origin of the fire was not determined, but it is regarded as suspicious. After the fire, the society was unable to raise funds to replace the keeper's house and the lighthouse now stands a very lonely sentinel at the entrance to Halifax Harbour. The property, a sensitive coastal ecologial area, is still owned by DFO.

The Society has abandoned plans to rebuild, but is still actively involved in maintaining public access to the Chebucto Head site, and in future would like to install an interpretive plaque. Most of the surrounding Crown land has been designated as a Nature Reserve by the provincial government, and the hope is, that the Chebucto Head site will eventually become a part of this protected area. Negotiations are on-going between DFO and the province.

If you are interested in receiving further information about the Chebucto Head Lighthouse Society, please contact NSLPS and your mail will be forwarded.

Contributor: Dan Conlin, Kathy Brown, Lise Chapman